Thursday, December 10, 2015

Twitter Experiment - Part Two

The last couple days has been interesting. On the first day I set up a couple tweets linking to related posts for the next day, and another tweet linking to another post for day three. On day two I ended up writing a new post and tweeted it. The combined new post and the tweets linking to older posts ended up giving me about 10 times the page views I typically get on a day with a new post. The new post happened to get retweeted by another twitter account devoted to sitting volleyball, which was one of the things I talked about. They told me that they also posted a link on their facebook page. I can't really say how much any one of those things did on its own, but the aggregate was impressive.

I've got a couple likes from odd accounts unrelated to volleyball. Today's tweet ended up getting retweeted by one of those types of accounts. I can only figure that there is some sort of like farm running Twitter accounts for people trying to monetize something. I can respect someone trying to make money off social media by creating content that people want to read and hustling to get it in the hands of interested readers. I am trying to do that after a manner. I have a hard time with someone trying to do that by hiring out someone in some developing country to randomly like and retweet stuff in hopes that it will expand your readership.

I am starting to feel some internal pressure to generate more content. I would like to have a tweet every day just to keep it visible and increase the likelihood of catching a new reader. So far I have pulled from posts I have written over the course of the year. If I manage to link to a different post every day, I'm going to run out of my better posts in short order. I have a series that could result in 7 posts that could keep me going for a little while, and I have a follow up to the sitting volleyball post, but that still has me running out of new tweets linking to blog posts in the near future. I'm going to need a lot of new content soon, start tweeting without links, or recycle links. If I can help it, I want to avoid recycling links. I want more content, but I don't want to dilute quality. I'm going to have to start doing non-linking tweets. Microblogging indeed.
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