About Me

I started taking volleyball seriously when I was in high school. This is when I first saw the modern game played when the US men's team took gold in the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. I played outside hitter and middle blocker on my high school team. Since then I learned the game from some great college volleyball coaches and coached at the middle school, high school, and college level. I haven't been able to coach for a couple years now, and I am anxious to find a team and get back into the gym. To satisfy my addiction, I try to watch as much volleyball as I can, study the game, and examine new ways to extract meaningful information from matches and practices.

I’m also interested in writing, both fiction and non-fiction. I currently consume three to five hours of audiobooks a day, and intend to finish writing a novel or two someday, even if only to say I did it. Whether it is the sprawling epic fantasy that has been germinating in my mind since high school, or the more recent idea of a retelling of Pride and Prejudice on a generation ship, I am determined to learn the craft of fiction writing. At the same time I intend to develop as a non-fiction writer and produce articles about coaching and playing my favorite sport.

I like geeky things. I am studying programming, and I enjoy games of many kinds. I don't write about these as often, but it does happen.
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